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[04 Oct 2006|05:23pm]

While I was kissing someone today, a lizard crawled out of their pocket and onto my arm. Some nice tongue action, you could only imagine.
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Joined [30 Mar 2006|11:19pm]

I joined this community because i'm nosey.
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[18 Jul 2005|10:43pm]

I have $10.37 in pennies.
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[08 Jul 2005|09:00pm]

useless_debate just created. Feel free to post/debate about all your painfully trivial questions.
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[31 May 2005|12:58pm]

summer is super
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[09 May 2005|11:28am]

The amount of people in my country is less than half of the amount in New York City.

I am strangely warmed and amused by this. We so small.
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[08 May 2005|07:24pm]

Czech itCollapse )
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[08 May 2005|12:01pm]

with absolutely no relation to the songs meaning, lyrics, or artist
Just A Friend by Biz Markie is the song of my life

i know, i wouldnt believe it either
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[04 May 2005|01:25pm]

[ mood | bored obviously ]

one time i had sex with my dog, without a condom.

then i went over to my girlfriend's (at the time) house and had sex with her.


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[10 Apr 2005|02:54pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm a barista/office manager for a coffee store in Ketchikan, Alaska, and have been working hard on listing items on our eBay store. I just finished listing everything, so if you'd like to check it out here's a link!

It's not quite useless info, but I'm tired and happy it's finished!

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[10 Apr 2005|09:18am]

I am completely excited about a new Zelda coming out on GameCube at the end of the year. When I get it, I probably won't see anyone for a few days. Unless they want to come sit next to me and watch. (I'm awesome.)
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[08 Apr 2005|07:26pm]

I don't watch a lot of television, but I watch a lot of T.V. shows on DVD. Mainly Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Family Guy.
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[07 Apr 2005|03:52pm]

I have to go to an Information Evening at my school at 7pm today. Apparently there are little stalls in the main hall, with teachers sitting at them, and me and my Dad have to go round and talk to the teachers of the subjects that I want to take next year. History, Art, and Food/Textiles (haven't decided yet). I'm stupidly nervous. I hate going to school with my parents there for whatever reason. Also, I'm totally in love with one of the History teachers, and she knows, so I'll pretty much die if we have to talk to her. :/
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[06 Apr 2005|12:16pm]
The other night i was lookin up mugshots on the hillsborough county sheriff's department website and i found my cousin. He was arrested for racing on Bruce B. Downs. my cousin is such a badass.
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[03 Apr 2005|05:52pm]

My nipples have been pierced for a few months. The left one always kind hurts a little bit, then it's ok for awhile, then it hurts.

If it migrates, I'll be so pissed. SO PISSED.
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[03 Apr 2005|10:58am]

My dog is laying next to me having nightmares; I keep having to wake her up.

She also is farting.
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[02 Apr 2005|04:00pm]

I got lost my birthday money and am really really stupid.
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got ya all beat [01 Apr 2005|02:27pm]

..im not wearing any socks!

now wtf is anyone supposed to do with that kind of important information? ..nothing. i guess thats the point! ::smiles::
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[30 Mar 2005|05:24pm]

I once lived beneath Johnny Depp (this was while in Vancouver, in his 21 Jump St. days).
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[30 Mar 2005|08:16pm]

I horribly frightened by birds.

When I was little I was attacked by a pelican on the pier and now I get uncomfortable if Im around large birds...especially pelicans.

Useless enough?
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